Adam Spooner

Home: 1106 Grayland Street Greensboro, NC 27408 US

Home: 646-620-6005


I intend to work hard, design well, develop accessible and standards-based web sites using modern techniques, learn something new everyday, and treat others with the utmost respect.


All of my code is written by hand. This allows me to scrutinize every line, word, and character. Each of my abilities is ranked according to the Dreyfus model of skill acquisition. The following key is here for your convenience:

  1. N: Novice
  2. AB: Advanced Beginner
  3. C: Competent
  4. P: Proficient
  5. E: Expert

I also enjoy tinkering in the following programming languages. My knowledge of each is mostly cursory.


Slack San Francisco, California

Senior Engineer September 2016—present

I work on a small team within Slack, supporting our engineers to help them make Slack the amazing product it is. I help build tools that communicate with GitHub Enterprise, JIRA, Zendesk, and multple Slack bots.

I have the privilege of working in PHP, JavaScript, Ruby, Go, and Python almost everyday.

Authentic Jobs Sarasota, Florida

Web Developer February 2012—September 2016

I was responsible for the entire stack of Authentic Jobs and all its entities. I moved Authentic Jobs from fully-managed hosting to self-managed hosting on Linode where we had two web servers, a database server, and a node balancer. I upgraded our stack to PHP 7 during the process and saw noticeable performance gains. I built Authentic Pros with Ruby on Rails and PostgreSQL using an API-driven approach. consumed Authentic Pros’ API with Laravel 4. consumed Authentic Jobs’ API with Laravel 4 too. Hired and The Jerry Can Collective were old-fashioned HTML with a sprinkling of PHP.

I got to brainstorm business ventures, help with our annual charity: water birthday drives, and use an aggressive amount of emoji in Slack. I also had the extreme pleasure of helping with customer support.

Oak Brooklyn, New York

Web Developer August 2010—February 2012

I was responsible for a variety of tasks including front-end development, back-end development, user experience design, visual design, and server setup and maintenance.

Oak has worked with many clients. I had the pleasure in helping build web sites for StudioBooth, Quarterly, Tattly, Dropmark, Let's Swap, Working Not Working, CCOH, NASDAQ, and UNICEF.

NewSpring Church Anderson, South Carolina

Web Developer July 2009—July 2010

I was responsible for all development and some design aspects of NewSpring Church's web entities. I also administered our dedicated Red Hat Enterprise Linux server, which included setting up and maintaining Git and Subversion repositories, an Apache web server with virtual hosts, and other general system administration duties.

I built most of NewSpring's web sites using the ExpressionEngine CMS, but I also created a few custom applications in PHP using the CodeIgniter framework.

Some of my proudest achievements were flawlessly migrating all of NewSpring's web sites (including MySQL databases) from shared hosting to a dedicated server. I increased site performance by minifying and compressing (gzip compression) all CSS and JavaScript and serving static content from cookie-less domains. I streamlined the web team's workflow by keeping code in a repository and writing a build process (in bash) that minifies, compresses, adds a version, and pushes all static content live.

OkCupid New York, New York

Lead Designer and Front-End Developer May 2007—June 2009

I was responsible for the look and feel of all OkCupid's web sites, including OkCupid, HelloQuizzy, and Crazy Blind Date. I was also responsible for the front-end code-base comprised of thousands of lines of code, and I managed a team of three front-end developers who reported directly to me. The occasional piece of printed paraphernalia, including business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and marketing materials was also my responsibility.

Some of my proudest achievements were converting our HTML to valid, standards-compliant markup; maintaing 4 translations, including Arabic; successfully leading a small team of front-end developers; and being responsible for the most successful and positively received—by the site's users—redesign in the company's history.

Freelance Virtually Everywhere

Design and Development June 1998—Present

My parents are both computer geeks, so I was able to get an early start following in their footsteps. I've been designing and developing web sites since my junior year in high school. Since then, I've worked on quite a few freelance projects for weddings (print and web design), small businesses, and independent bands, most notably, Bishop Allen.


Cameron Moll Founder & Design Lead at Authentic Jobs
Far and away the most trusted, most reliable, most proficient, and most important work colleague I’ve had in my career.
Chris Coyne Co-founder, President, and Creative Director at OkCupid
I’ve been working with designers for over ten years, and Adam would be my first pick for any project. He approaches each assignment with all the considerations it deserves: the business angle, the aesthetic goal, and the technical limitations of the medium. What he designs appeals to everyone around him, and he’s a pleasure to work with.
Joshua Blankenship Design Director at NewSpring Church
Relentless work ethic, self-management, a healthy desire to learn (inside and outside his core competencies), and meticulous attention to detail and craft—I’ve never worked with a better web developer. As a designer, I can trust that my pages will be built in pixel perfect fashion. As a strategist, I know I’ll get solid feedback and pushback from Adam where it’s needed. He’s a rare talent, elevating projects and teams.
Myles Grant Senior Staff Engineer at Slack
Adam has been so impressive and enjoyable to work with that I’d give my left arm to be able to work with him more closely again.
Sam Yagan Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer at OkCupid
Adam was a tremendous contributor to our company. He led by example, demonstrating a tireless work ethic and dedication to excellence in his work. His managers, colleagues, and direct reports uniformly praised his interpersonal skills and greatly enjoyed working with him. Adam also positively impacted everyone’s morale, making the office a more positive and enjoyable place for others to work.
Zac Smith Former Central Operations Executive Director at NewSpring Church
Adam defines the perfect employee. He is motivated by his aggressive work ethic which helps define his imitable character. His code is efficient and clean. I really appreciate his contrarian nature which brings freshness to stock situations. His wit and personality make him a joy to be around both at work and at play. I am quite happy I know Adam.


1973 BMW 2002 Restoration
It’s been my dream to fully restore one since I saw the movie Backdraft as a child (William Baldwin’s character drove one).
Typography is the first tool I reach for in my design toolbox. It’s also my first true obsession. I enjoy studying typefaces and their impact on society, reading about the history of typography, and collecting obscure type families.
I like to read. I’m what some would call a bookworm. I take notes and keep track of my habit on Readernaut.
Programming Languages
A major subset of my reading habit focuses on programming languages. I enjoy reading about their makers, their history, their nuances, and their impact on programming.
Classical Languages
Greek and Latin are two of my favorite languages. I spend a bit of time sharpening my skills in each. I’m nearly proficient in classical Greek and am slowly working my way through Latin.
The majority of my youth was spent working at a bike shop, where I earned my certification in bicycle maintenance. I love riding because it’s good for me and good for the environment.