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GAIAttack is the second game from Rusty, Shaun, and Matt in the Retro Game Crunch. It’s a fun, bottom-to-top platformer similiar to Super Crate Box (which is also a lot of fun).

“So, who’s Justin Bailey?” you might be wondering. JUSTIN BAILEY is one of many Metroid passwords. Is he a real person? I have no idea. There are a few theories on why JUSTIN BAILEY is a Metroid password. So, fire away if you’ve ever wanted to play Metroid as Samus in a bathing suit.

“Uh, what does Metroid have to do with GAIAttack?” Well, just like Justin Bailey, “spooner” now joins the ranks of cheats putting players in bathing suits. Okay, not really. Enter “spooner” (without the quotation marks) on the start screen of GAIAttack and unlock the following cheats: during play, type “0” to go to the next level, “9” to go to the previous one, “8” to go to the next save point, or “7” to go to the previous one. Unfortunately, your score and time won’t be submitted to the leaderboard. So, cheat and have fun.