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A picture of me chewing on a pseudo toothpick. It's actually half a kebab skewer.

About Adam Spooner

I’m a web designer and developer living in North Carolina. I don’t like to talk about me, but I like to talk about things I like. So, let’s get started. I love my wife. I like Apple and everything they make. Most people call me a fanboy. I like typography. I like Granny Smith apples. I like colors. I like rainbows. I like simplicity. I like to read. I like to learn. I like hoodies and t-shirts and jeans and sneakers. I like to think about the future and what it will be like. I like programming languages. I like to work hard. I like art and graphic design. I like classical Greek. I like Latin. I like classic Nintendo. I like the New Super Mario Bros. Wii. I like to cook and I like using Rouxbe. I like cheese. I like Indian food. I like British humor and I like Fawlty Towers. I like sarcastic humor. I like Twitter, though I tweet little. You should follow me on Twitter here.